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High-quality Bose® in-wall speakers

These rectangular Virtually Invisible® in-wall speakers are engineered with one 12.7 cm woofer and two strategically positioned 1.9 cm tweeters, eliminating the need to aim the speakers into the room. Their smaller size creates more placement options while still delivering superior performance. Exclusive Bose® Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance provides balanced stereo sound over a wider area, with no drop-offs.

• This quality Bose in-wall speaker has one 12.7 cm woofer and two strategically positioned 1.9 cm tweeters
• High-quality, full-range performance that most other installed speakers can’t match
• Exclusive Stereo Everywhere speaker performance covers the room with balanced stereo sound—no drop-offs
• A near-bezel-less construction blends elegantly into the room’s design; easily paintable grilles
• Standard dogleg clamps and magnetically attached grilles make installation fast and easy

Bose® Virtually Invisible® 691 in-wall speakers

SKU: 017817699143
Colour: White
    • 2 speakers
    • Speaker grilles
    • Template